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Gary Bonnell


Prediction and Prophecy in the Current Age

Prior to incarnating into a timeline, we individually and collectively place unalterable events along our paths that afford us the opportunity to awaken to our greater knowing as eternally constant souls in collaboration with a continually evolving human spirit and its physical form. These unchangeable events relate to human interactions, conditions and circumstances and not to the natural events of Earth. Because we eternal souls are visitors here, we are in the world and not of the world. We collaborate with an evolving human spirit to fully observe dimensional reality through its body, and yet, because of our eternal nature, we are capable of unlimited influence on the different life forms and materials of Earth. Thankfully, most humans forget their true nature and as such seem subject to the unfolding conditions and circumstances unfolding upon Earth. In a mostly unconscious manner, we as eternal souls in collaboration with a human spirit, do influence natural Earth events, and it deserves repeating that those natural Earth events are not our unalterable placements along a given timeline. Because these human related immutable events are created by us prior to incarnating, our human consciousness has a profound impact on the outcomes related to those immutable events. Our response to life creates our immediate condition and circumstance. It is shown in the Akashic Records that it is our personal and collective human response to immutable human events that fully determines the outcomes on the other side of those events.

All other life on Earth does not place immutable events along timelines – for them, time is a continuum that is not segmented by births and deaths. In other words, animal spirits reincarnate without a sense of discontinuance along their evolving paths. They are functionally aware of each of their past incarnations.

With the world population being what it is, collective consensual intention has become the dominant determinate to shared outcomes. Because of this, in this day and age, predictions should be experienced as warnings not as dire forecasting of inevitable outcomes. To further explain: In the not so distant past – about five hundred years or so ago, the ability to predict events with set outcomes was substantially more established. At the time of Nostradamus (1503-1566) the world population was around 425-540 million individuals scattered about the globe. His predictions concerning the immediate hundred years after his death were considerably more accurate than the predictions that seem to pertain to our current time period. In the 500 years since his departure Earth’s population has risen by well over 6 billion. In the 20th century alone the human population went from approximately 1.6 to 6 billion. The collective cultural, political, scientific and religious investments we humans made between 1600 and 2000 have altered the predictions of Nostradamus. His fore witnessed events in the Akashic Records and the highest probable associated outcomes have altered to match the expanding awareness of human consciousness. Now when a series of events are foreseen in the Akashic Records, the predicted outcomes can only be offered as highly probable.

To adjust for this, most modern seers search for converging signs to help define their intuitive vision of probable events and outcomes. When several different signs align, they make a hopefully accurate prediction. And, those predictions are highly susceptible to the quickly morphing collective consciousness.

It is much easier to predict events and outcomes for individuals and that is even getting trickier. Use of the recorded information held within the Akashic Records is of great value when working with individuals who wish to alter behavior patterns or diseases that might have their origins in the distant or near past. The revelation of certain reincarnation patterns, especially when making discoveries about personal and work relationships, can also be of great value. How we respond to the souls and spirits of family and friends can be directly linked to unresolved past life interactions. If those unresolved issues pair with the inner conflicts that have developed over the current life experience, it can be very difficult to alter unconscious response patterns. Knowing the source of such behaviors can instantly morph negative patterns into positive outcomes.

Use of collective Akashic Records, such as in the determination of how certain soul groups will respond to unfolding conditions and circumstances, can yield very accurate forecasts. Assessing long term past collective incarnation patterns can also be to forecast collective outcomes. It can take an individual five lifetimes to change a simple response pattern – collective consciousness might need twenty.

The use of information from the Akashic Records has taken on a new dimension, in that, it is now best used in a therapeutic manner as opposed to being used to predict the future. Akashic readers can still give the highest probable outcomes – many of which will seem very accurate – and all are subject to collective shifting.