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Esoteric Mysticism
Akashic Records
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Gary Bonnell


It is often taught that the Akasha is synonymous with Universal mind. In the greater knowing, Universal mind is everything, from the smallest of all particles to the largest etherioplasmic non-matter matter. Universal mind is the medium for creation to attain to an eternally constant state. In the greatest view this teaching of Universal mind and the Akasha as being the same is correct; in the micro view they are separate. In creation (Universal mind) there is consciousness, energy and the intelligence of evolving awareness. Within creation (Universal mind) there is a particular structured dynamic between consciousness (knowing) and awareness (sensing) that allows the information of dimensional sense-oriented experiences to be collected within the medium of Universal mind. This is done for the sole purpose of allowing all Souls to know the full observations of all other Souls. This system of collecting the unique Soul observations of dimensional realities has been duplicated from dimensional universe to dimensional universe, from galaxy to galaxy, from star system to star system and from planet to planet as Triadic Souls transmigrate through creation observing the unfolding vision of Creator God. Each Soul retains all its observation memories from all the different realities within which it has taken a dimensional form. As Souls transmigrate from reality to reality they leave impressions of those complete memory fields within the Akashic structure of a given reality (world). Other Souls incarnating into a given world can access those complete memories, as well as all other Soul memories of the realm in which they are incarnating. This exchange of information happens within all systems with all Souls, past present and future who have observed dimensional reality from within a given reality.

The following can be clearly stated concerning the Akasha and Akashic Records:

  • Each primary reality has its own Akasha and network of Akashic Records. The parallel realities based off that primary reality share its Akashic Records. This lends any given reality a set of probable observations.
  • Each dimensional reality, and all the individual worlds of experience within those dimensions, is interconnected by the Souls who carry within their etheric forms a conscious link to each of the Akashic Records of the systems they have observed. This seems especially so for Earth’s diverse gathering of intergalactic Souls.
  • The dynamic structure of each Akashic Records is near identical in each dimensional reality; however, the manner in which that structure is organized and maintained varies from system to system.
  • All of the planets in our solar system share the same type of Akasha, with each planet’s deities being interconnected through the solar system’s Akasha or Akashic energy grid. The Composite Being responsible for this interactive dynamic within our Earth’s dimension is called a Logos.