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Gary Bonnell


Q. I do not see auras or energy and do not have big experiences in meditation or during mantra practice. What is the proper attitude for a spiritual seeker when they are just beginning to get a glimpse of a reality beyond life here on Earth?

A. I too have lived through this stage. Before we can see experience beyond what is obvious to our senses, it is good to have an image of how the unseen realm responds to a seeker whose efforts are sincere. I'll relate this from my childhood: When I was a youngster, my mother worked as the manager of the pet department at the local W. T. Grants. She would bring home any of the smaller animals that needed extra care and we would all nurse them back to health. Out of all the fish, ducklings, bunnies and birds, she grew the fondest of parakeets. I noticed that when the window was slightly open and our parakeets would sing, the birds on the other side of the window would gather on the low branches of the Mulberry tree. They would sing in response to our parakeet's songs. When our bird's voice was strong and clear, the outside birds would come the closest to the window. Our caged bird was being supported and encouraged by the birds on the other side of the window. When our parakeet would pause its singing, it began to hear the outside songs. The first time I saw this happen, our parakeet began extremely excited. It began to respond in kind. When mom would pull the shade up, our caged bird would fly about its cage, then perch on the side of the cage nearest the window. It's song was the most powerful once it began to know other birds were listening and responding. One day I opened the cage and let our parakeet fly out the window. The punishment was well worth it. For a long time I would catch a glimpse of that little blue bird in the high branches of the tree.

That story might seem simplistic and it is how we unfold into a greater knowing. We constantly attract the attention of inter and extra-dimensional beings with our thoughts and especially our words. The following statement has been repeated many time - "We are spiritual beings having a human experience; not human beings trying to have a spiritual experience." The many details of life distract us from knowing our true place in the order of life on Earth. As eternal souls we are in the world and not of the world. If you approach your spiritual practices - meditation, mantra, pranayama, yoga, tai chi, qigong, etc. - with sincerity you need not practice for long periods, your sincerity will open you up to experience an expanded knowing. And drop comparing your experience with the experiences of others. It has no value to your ongoing efforts.

For many years I would sit in workshops and seminars wondering why I did not have such vast experiences as some of the other participants. Their reports of divine visitations and colorful energy envelopes surrounding everyone actually aggravated me. One day I had a very other-worldly experience. My extra-sensory abilities began to open and I have not looked back since.