Specializing in:
Esoteric Mysticism
Akashic Records
Sovereignty Studies

Gary Bonnell


The office of Knowing, Inc. (formerly, Gary Bonnell - Japan, Inc.) is located near Tokyo Tower in the Shiba-koen district of Minato, Tokyo.

Last year we began changing our business model, so we are reducing our foot print to one floor of the Yoda Building near Tokyo Tower. Our offices and classroom will be on the 9th floor. 

Top Row L - street level view near office in Tokyo. Top Row C - Yoda Building; we are on 9th and 10th floors. Top Row R - first floor elevator lobby sign. Center Row L - sign at 9th floor elevator lobby. Center Row C - Welcome sign our staff created. Center Row R - hydrogen refueling station I pass walking to work. Bottom Row L - audience at a typical evening lecture. Bottom Row C - courtyard at hotel in Mia Jima. Bottom Row R - top of Mia Jima a sacred site in southern Japan near Hiroshima.