Emily's Notes from Meetup 12/12/2018 and 12/22/2018:


Techniques for Accessing the Akashic Records Overview:


We are a collaboration of an eternal soul + an evolving spirit + a physical body, united in emotion. A spirit comes from the earth, an envelope of energy, originally from few cells. We have a different spirit and body in each lifetime. The spirit will partner with a different body in each lifetime but sometimes looks for a similar genetic/experience/body.

In other systems, the soul goes into a body but there isn’t a spirit – this is why Earth is so unique, the soul experiences it through the spirit and body.

We travel in soul groups, some are with us and some stay on the other side to help, nurture, empower – never to break our sovereignty.


When a human is conceived, a light and harmonic signal goes out and attracts a spirit and a soul that are nearly identical in harmonics.  The spirit helps create the body starting in the second trimester by putting messages on the DNA (what we know as epigenetics).


The spirit is in charge of life and focuses on survival. Sometimes people confuse the soul and the spirit when reading in the records, which causes conflicting information.

Everything we do is spiritual.

No one has a single purpose or talent they need to express.


Everything is recorded in the Akasha. What we say is set aside waiting to be integrated.

On average we have timelines in 10 different star systems. All our timelines are established and happening simultaneously.


Everything is mind. What we experience is individual expectation and consensual expectation – without that, we could levitate, etc.  Even things like the table have awareness and respond to things.


What we will experience is set in immutable events – our response is free will. Example:  Gary saw in someone’s record a car crash 3 years ahead and paralysis afterward. He asked the person “what would you think if you saw someone in a wheelchair?” and she said someone getting lots of attention and love, so he realized the person would have the response of associating love and attention with paralysis. He spent 3 years re-shaping that with her, and when the accident happened she barely had a scratch.

Your response to an event determines subsequent events.


Everything we experience as a human is driven by what we experience before the age of 5, per Duke University study.

Expectations drive your life, and conflicts drive expectations. By conflicts we mean having two opposing desires/inclinations – eg, wanting money but thinking that is greedy.  So we think our lives are driven by a noble belief but really they are driven by our conflicts. Expectations are fear-based.


Any polarity is fear-based and doesn’t allow the Now moment.

There is no such thing as unconditional love – it is really love ignoring conditions. What is real is limitless love,  aka pure joy – the only purpose the soul has is to radiate this limitless love. What enlightenment feels like is hearing someone tell a joke you really aren’t into, and then you hear the punchline which is amazing. Between the punchline and the laugh – that space is what it feels like to be enlightened.


There is no energy on earth greater than the energy of one eternal soul.


Can draw on skills from past lives- if you can feel yourself as something, you can do it.

You don’t deserve anything or get a reward for being good.


Our awareness is a cycle: feeling -> thought -> word (in mind or spoken) -> action.


Conflict creates stress which creates disease.


Preparing to Access the Akasha


If the average number of lives is ~300, the eternal soul collaborates with ~300 spirits, and each of those spirits has worked with ~300 souls, so we have access to a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience.  When we go to read the records, so much information can be overwhelming.


Once you open to this ability you can’t shut it off.


It is simple/easy to access the records – you just must set aside (not resolve or remove permanently) your conflicts, judgment, expectation, beliefs.

Once we access the Akasha, the “victim” is the parent voice we all have in our heads saying we should do this, shouldn’t do that. Also, judgments become a victim, as we see that we have never done anything wrong and neither has anyone else. This includes the most subtle form of judgment, which is self-judgment. When you don’t allow yourself to feel judged, you have reached enlightenment. 


You won’t unlearn things, you will just drop them. The Records give you truth and the perspective to see things very differently.


B. K. S. Iyengar book Light on Pranayama teaches pranayama is all that is needed.


Stop saying “I don’t know”. This is critically important as it undoes all you are building with the practices below. Very, very important.


Techniques to Access the Akasha


First, this breathing technique will start moving energy up your body and to the back of your head, and will allow you to see different things:

Hold your hands with middle three fingers tucked and use your thumb and pinky to close your nostrils as need.  Sit with the intent of lifting up your spine. Relax your forehead and face or you will pull the energy there. Use yogic breath, which is breathing in to the bottom of your body first all the way up to the top, then breathing out starting at the top – like filling a pitcher then pouring it out. Do this for 10-15 minutes several times a day.


Breathe in this pattern: In right, out mouth, in left, out right, in left, out right, in mouth, out left.


If you get a headache, the antidote is plain right – left breathing, which helps clear blocked energy.


Second, practice this mantra, which will make you less dense physically and loosen things up including stored trauma and grief:  “oaum naum”.   Say it three times out loud then say it internally for ~10 minutes several times a day.  The higher the pitch and more monotone, the greater the effect.


It doesn’t have a meaning but has harmonics that work. You will notice less anger and when you do feel it, you will have more clarity and insight about what is going on.


Third, staring at the antahkarana symbol with half open eyes will also expand your consciousness and help heal conflict.



Left - Female         Right - Male

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