Pranayama - Two Essential Practices

Introduction to Pranayama - Alternate Nostril and 1-4-2 Breathing Patterns Pranayama is the study and practice of focused breathing to achieve a meditative state of consciousness, or, in the modern vernacular, a state of mindfulness. We humans are gifted at achieving a meditative, mindful state of conscious awareness. For the most part, we simply only need to release the distractions that keep us focused in the past or future. Devices such as mantras (repeating sounds or phrases), body postures (asana) and hand postures (mudra) were developed and then given spiritual significance as a means of tricking our survival instincts into releasing strategy awareness to more refined areas within cons

Human History/Collective Consciousness

COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS – A BRIEF HISTORY OF HUMANITY IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM FROM THE AKASHIC RECORDS I would like to open this short statement on collective consciousness with an offering on humanity’s early journey here in this solar system as interpreted from the Akashic Records. Please know that I am not attempting to convince you of the validity of the following information. I am simply sharing what I have come to discover in the Akashic Records. This is possible since the shift in the collective mind between 2001 and 2011. The deep past has been opened to include the full records of our solar system while the future is now more of a response to the content of our collective mind rather t

Invocation for Angels and Inter-dimensional and extra-dimensional Beings

Confession - I have had numerous encounters with angelic and extra-dimensional beings. This began with a teacher, Lee, back in the 1980s while I was living in Atlanta. This teacher was a very dramatic human, free of most social filters and emotional constraints. I was never sure who he would be from moment to moment. He opened me to the knowledge of adjacent dimensional realities. The partner he was with at the time further helped me to understand the need to connect with these "other" aspects of our human reality. The following is a comment on what I came to know as I opened to the greater knowing of how our mind unfolds our reality. This involves the use of an invocation, which, if practic

Mindfulness - Meditation - Pranayama

The Science and Practice of Mindfulness Mindfulness, in western psychotherapy, is the translation of the Pali term, sati, which connotes awareness, attention and remembering. In addition, there is a sense of nonjudgment and deep acceptance driven by kindness and compassion. Most of the time our minds are not in the present moment. And, the moments that matter most to us – those moments that stir our greater sense of completeness – are the ones in which our minds are fully present. We tend to wander off from the present moment in search of other moments in the remembered past or imagined future to feel the rich layers of completeness, or centered wholeness. Interestingly, when we have not dev

Manifesting to Your Heart's Desire

Manifesting Prosperity and Abundance (This material was presented at a workshop in Tokyo, Japan, and has been modified by removing references to workshop exercises and materials.) Your ability to have what you want, in a timely manner, is developed through fully recognizing the place within your conscious awareness where the inner and out dynamics that attract or manifest to your purposeful needs connect. It is important to manifest to “purposeful need” while keeping your mind centered on the innocent joy of attaining or manifesting. It is through joy that we acquire. We will first focus on the single most prevailing currency of exchange between humans – money. This is important – money is n

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