The Effect of Mantra Recitation

A bit of my personal history: I have been working with mantras for over fifty-five years now, with my initial training through my grandmother, Rowena Wescott. She was in one of Paramahansa Yogananda's first group of students back in the early fifties in Los Angeles and Encinitas. As an art instructor at UCLA at the time, she also painted one of his first portraits. My personal experiences with Kriya Yoga and the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) began at my age fourteen (I still have the two-year week-by-week program in binders). There were a good many techniques outside of the SRF that I explored, including the path of Siddha Yoga with Muktananda and Transcendental Meditation (TM) with Maha

The Shamanic State of Conscious Dreams

Our brains are the seat of our consciously aware mind, and the processing center of sensory perception and symbolic awareness. It needs to be stated that our five physical senses take their directions from our expectations. This developed early and reinforced by believes, such as, "I'll believe it when I see it." If you want to expand your awareness into greater levels of consciousness, the saying should be, "I'll see it when I believe it." Our focus in this work is with the small, pine-cone-shaped gland at the geometric center of the brain. Many spiritual practitioners refer to this gland as the third eye, eye of Horus, etc. This is primarily so because it is intimately linked to our body’s

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