Accessing Akashic Records - Emily's Notes

G. Bonnell - these notes are from Emily, an attendee of the Akashic Records Meet Up gatherings that began November of 2018 and ended August 2018. The program will restart again in 2020. My additions or corrections are in italics. Emily's Notes from Meetup 12/12/2018 and 12/22/2018: Techniques for Accessing the Akashic Records Overview: As a human, we are a collaboration of an eternal soul + an evolving spirit + a physical body, held together by an upside-down egg-shaped envelop of energy that we humans call emotion. A spirit comes from the earth, an envelope of energy, originally from few cells. We have a different soul, spirit and body combination in each lifetime. The spirit will partner w

Meetup Notes: Techniques for Accessing Akashic Records

Our Meetup Group has gatherings twice a month for individuals wanting to practice the art of accessing the Akashic Records. This is a free meeting - the only prerequisite is a sincere intention for utilizing the techniques. For more information about times and venues: Alternate Nostril Breathing Pattern Our bodies are designed to naturally alternates nostrils throughout the course of a twenty-four-hour period. Our nostrils are designed to alternate the direction and volume of the chi energy attached to the molecules of oxygen. This is necessary to maintain the proper balance of the subtle life force energies (chi) that give vitality to


人間の声は何百万年もの時を経て発達したツール(手段)です。私たちは声を様々なことに使います。例えば危険を知らせるため、身体の欲求を伝えるため、考えや感情を表現するため、期待や夢をほのめかすため、楽しませるため、自然を真似たり、人生で経験することや観察することを報告して知識を共有するために声を使います。又、私たちは不快感や不安、衝突や対立を避けようとして、自分たちにとって都合の良い状況に持っていくために人を欺くツールとして声を使うこともあります。 地球上のあらゆる生命体を支えているエネルギーは物質的ではなく、多次元的なものです。それは液体のようにすべてのものに浸透します。古い東洋の書物には「プラナ」、あるいは「気」と記されています。歴史の流れの中で探求されつづけてきた「気」は人間を取り巻く全てを網羅しています。 それは知覚能力のある生命体の内側を流れ、無生物の周りを流れています。人体においては皮膚、筋肉、結合組織、臓器、骨等、全ての組織の中に存在します。さらに、「気」は身体の機能を有意味に活性化させる人間の意識(アウェアネス)が神経を通るための媒体でもあります。 私たちの声には生まれながらにして微かな「気」の力が備わっています。新生児やよちよち歩きの頃は、偽りや混乱のない立場で「本物」の表現をします。その要求と必要性はとても性急でリアルなので「気」は何の妨げもなくサラサラと流れます。ところが面倒を見てくれる大人から受けるお仕置きとご褒美、あるいは拒絶と受諾などの経験を重ねるごとに、私たちの行動はパターン化されて行き「気」は濃く、密になっていきます。 「気」は皮膚の微小な穴から体内


The human voice is an instrument that has been developed over millions of years. We use our voices to communicate warnings to each other, to voice all our physical needs, to express our thoughts and feelings, to intimate our hopes and dreams, to entertain, to mimic nature and to share knowledge as we report our observations and experiences of life. We also use our voices to be deceptive as we attempt to position ourselves in favorable circumstances in an attempt that we might avoid discomfort or confrontation. The basic energy that supports all forms of life on Earth is not physical, it is multi-dimensional. It behaves in a fluid manner as it permeates everything. In ancient Eastern texts, t

FREEDOM! Our Sovereignty in Action

Most people in developed societies, when asked, will state that they value their individual freedoms. The problem with this is that they almost always identify a lack of freedom as something that happens to them through external influences. If pressed to answer the question, what is freedom, they will almost always form their answer by what makes them happy, i. e., the freedom to make a life that has few obstacles to attaining what they want for themselves and their loved ones. While it can be agreed that having fewer obstacles is essential to obtaining a sense of freedom, in a greater understanding of how consciousness and energy collaborate to bring desired results, it is understood that t

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