Human History/Collective Consciousness


I would like to open this short statement on collective consciousness with an offering on humanity’s early journey here in this solar system as interpreted from the Akashic Records. Please know that I am not attempting to convince you of the validity of the following information. I am simply sharing what I have come to discover in the Akashic Records. This is possible since the shift in the collective mind between 2001 and 2011. The deep past has been opened to include the full records of our solar system while the future is now more of a response to the content of our collective mind rather than a predictable schedule of events.

Human spirits have a colorful 206,000,000 year history in this binary star system. In the Akashic Records, each of three planets – Maldec (Her-weps-taw), Mars (Heru-des-het) and Earth (Era-gai-teera) – have given rise to the evolution of spirit entities that become human, thus allowing the collaboration of eternal beings within the human experience. In the Akasha data field that contains Maldec and Mars records, it shows that life came to our planet system from distant stars and that life on these planets was enhanced by off-world beings that were also from other systems and dimensions. Because of interplanetary migrations, Earth’s Akasha includes volumes of data from Maldec and Mars, the two other planets within our solar system that developed advanced sentient life.

First, for eternal beings to enter into a dimensional system, a network of energy – a grid of pure energy – must first be established within the etheric body of the planet. The eternal beings that accomplish this task are called, celestial logos. Once the grid is set, eternal beings we call souls enter into the influences of a planets dimensions through the logos field. In addition to the planet’s range of influences, each logos also has a direct influence on an eternal being’s (soul’s) harmonics giving that soul a certain attitude, for lack of a better word.

Maldec was a planet sized moon (a little smaller than Earth) orbiting Jupiter and was the first ecosystem to develop indigenous human-type life. These early Maldecian human forms would closely resemble the great apes of our primate species. Eternal beings from the Orion system genetically altered these forms to allow for eternal souls to “piggyback” with the evolving spirits and their physical forms. They did this in order to once again observe physical dimensional reality. (Side Note - the “inhabited” dimensions of Orion had evolved well beyond gross matter expressions – most of the planets in the Orion star system could no longer support due to the changes that took place within many of the suns.) These successful genetic alterations on Maldec began the migration of eternal beings (souls) from Orion to this solar system. Once they began incarnating into human form, these souls of Orion began the further mutations needed within the brain structures to allow for individual expression within an intuitively driven collective mind. The gift to the evolving spirits of Maldec from the eternal souls of Orion was the eventual ascension of those spirits to soul expression.

Then, several changes began to happen within our sun. Those inner core changes had the sun beginning a cool down period. The climate of Maldec was becoming challenging. As a result, the human-type settlements on Mars were increased by indigenous beings from Maldec. The spirits born of Mars’ evolving life rebelled at the influx of advanced spirits from Maldec. They refused to collaborate with souls from Orion or enjoin with souls that were born of Maldec. It was then decided to advance even closer to the sun to further ensure survival of the human species. Earth was then terraformed – the large reptile life forms were set for eradication. Maldecians had explored and evaluated Earth. From their past observations, all that was needed was a directed collision of an asteroid with our planet to stress the environment thus destroying food sources for the big animals. Shortly after the asteroid hit, the Maldecians introduced certain strains of viruses that would ensure the necessary eradications of the large predators.

This allowed for the transporting of mammalian life forms from Mars and Maldec. Supporting forms of life – insects to help with flora and fauna and different strains of algae to increase oxygen levels – were also introduced to Earth’s ecosystem. Millions of years passed. As mammalian life established itself, the spirits that had been evolving for those millions of years here on Earth were paired with evolved spirits from the other two planets. Also, the evolution of Earth’s primates was enhanced with the introduction of evolving Martian and Maldecian human spirits into certain primate bloodlines. This allowed for an indigenous “Earth human” to be introduced into the various human species that had developed on Maldec and Mars.

At that time our Earth had two moons: one smaller moon had formed shortly after a collision with a large planetoid and Earth. This forced a volume of Earth’s matter into orbit. That moon would be approximately half the size of our current orbiting satellite and be in an orbit about . A few billion years later, the other larger moon (our current moon) was moved into place to stabilize Earth’s ecosystems as it was being readied for human habitation. Our current moon is artificial with a core that is technologically able to regulate the Earth’s gravity field. The two moons’ influence allowed for a much more diverse evolution of life on Earth.

For a relatively short period of time, some two million years as we calculate time, Maldec, Mars and Earth were inhabited by genetically related human-type life forms. Within the species there were twelve distinctly different types of human – the last being the Earth human. Each variation had at its core an identical set of genetics. This DNA originated in the Orion system and is currently called junk DNA by our scientists.

Because the humans on Maldec knew their planet would eventually no longer be in the “Goldilocks Zone”, they began frantically building up Mars and Earth. Then a devastating event took place: Maldec’s core ceased rotating due to a series of experiments designed to open a spacetime continuum as a method for dimensional adjacency jumping. The magnetic field surrounding the planet failed, the sun’s radiation began to have a devastating effect on the ecosystem. The Maldecians attempted to revive the core, the planet exploded. (The debris field between Mars and Jupiter is all that is left.) Unfortunately, Maldec was on the Mars side of its orbit around Jupiter. Because of the close proximity, Maldec’s explosion first pushed the atmospheric envelope of Mars away exposing portions of the ecosystem to the void of space as it rotated. The shock wave destabilized Mars’ core causing it to slow its spin. The magnetosphere began to vanish and then all life on Mars ceased. Mars’ core ceased rotating. The shock wave and large debris from that explosion eventually reached Earth, knocking the smaller natural moon from orbit which momentarily pulled the atmosphere away from a small portion of Earth exposing the surface to the vacuum of space. The effect was a flash freezing of portions of the Earth’s surface. Shortly after, a large piece of Maldec’s debris hit Earth’s surface causing shifts in the Earth’s tectonic plates which caused huge tsunami waves. The heat from the collision melted large ice fields changing the land mass to oceans ratio. The global civilization was devastated with its high-altitude centers of civilization that had been created above the large predator zones being completely destroyed. Surviving Earth humans went underground for a long period fearing another such event.

As I stated, eternal souls, evolving human spirits and the physical human forms have been here in this solar system for a very long time. Each Earth human is comprised of a soul, spirit and physical body collaborating as one being. Each of those three aspects imports and exports information to the Akasha of Earth. So, for each human there is three sets of information – the soul’s, spirit’s and body’s. And, if that were not enough, each one of us carries the knowledge of all the many different human types that once populated this solar system. We Earthlings have within us the memories of all our incarnations on Maldec and Mars. And there is much more to the story of human consciousness in our binary star system.


The Akasha of Earth (like the Akasha of all planets) is a banded harmonic energy field that holds the records of all that has happened here from the beginning to now. Each form of life – no matter how simple or complex – inputs and extracts information from the Akasha each and every moment. In essence, life in all its elegant complexity, is the Akasha – we are the Akashic Records of human life. This is our collective mind, or collective consciousness.

Eternal beings transmigrate from system to system in groups of harmonically similar souls, or, soul groups. The souls in these groupings are linked empathically (emotion) and telepathically (mind). Every soul in a soul group is considered a soul mate. Within a group is one soul of almost identical harmonics that you will enjoin with as a preparation to incarnating into the human experience. This is done to ensure your ability to leave the influences of Earth’s dimensional realms. The combined energies of enjoined souls are greater than any other force on the planet. This enjoined soul is called your twin soul, or twin flame. When you enjoin, you both individually create what is termed an oversoul. The oversoul is needed to generate a series of timelines in which you will collaborate with evolving spirits who will guide the development of a human forms through which you, oversoul, observe. Each timeline is a separate collaboration with a different evolving human spirit and its body. If you have 100 incarnations, you will most often collaborate with 100 different human spirits. It is possible to incarnate with the same spirit more than once though it is rare and usually done to achieve a certain outcome for a soul group, or even all of humanity. One such collaboration in our modern term is Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. In his case, this repeating incarnation with the same human spirit, is exclusively for his soul group.

You retain all the knowledge and experiences gained in each of your 100 incarnations. If you collaborate with 100 different human spirits, you retain all the information those human spirits have accumulated. Including the information, they retain of the different eternal souls with whom they have collaborated. And, within each soul is all the information they have retained from all the human spirits with whom they have collaborated. So, you see, each human collaboration is a vast set of knowing going back to the many different incarnations in all the different systems of a transmigration. By the way, humans average 350 incarnations with most beginning some 50,000 years ago.

The Akashic Records indicate that each soul within a soul group has access to all the information held within that soul group. Let’s say, 100 different soul groups from the Pleiadean star system transmigrate to incarnate on Earth. Each of those soul groups will have similar harmonics and will share all the information they have accumulated with the other soul groups from the Pleiadean system. Therefore, eternal souls from a given system all seem to have certain tendencies just like all humans from a given culture share similar tendencies. It is observable that languages and customs further divide our collective consciousness into subsets of harmonics.

Earth has several different groups of transmigrating eternal souls from several different systems. The primary systems – those systems with the most souls here on Earth – are: Orion, Pleiades, Nu Andromedae, Draco, Sirius, Vega and Cassiopeia. Within each soul group, no matter the origin – there is a near identical set of harmonics. Because of this harmonic bridge, all eternal beings (souls,) of all other groups cross-share information.

In short, our collective consciousness is vast – beyond the human intellect’s ability to begin to comprehend. As Einstein famously stated, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”


As an eternal soul collaborating with an evolving human spirit observing through human senses is a single mind. Our mind is the combination of soul, spirit body. When we (our evolving spirit) purposefully act to expand our consciousness (our mind), a gathering of angelic beings and extra-dimensional beings on the other side of Earth’s etheric curtain (energetic field separating our adjacent realities) rejoices in our intention and seeks to inspire us to deepest sincerity. It doesn’t matter to them what techniques or beliefs we follow in our endeavor to know the true essence of ourselves, and the nature of life. These adjacent beings act in collaboration with our pure intention to ensure we connect to the Akashic Records and universal mind. In other words, they match the energy of our efforts toward knowing.

As previously stated, every moment of creation within Earth’s dimensions is recorded, everything is retained. Collectively, we are the human Akasha. Individually we are our Book of Life within the Akashic Records. For each incarnation, for each timeline, we author a Book of Life. As we expand our awareness within our consciousness, we are guided into the Akashic Records were we then begin to integrate our mind, our conscious awareness, with universal mind. Once connected, we release the need to be right. We are no longer interested in judging our fellow human spirits. We are free to know the full spectrum of consciousness and energy in which we have our manifest reality. Life is no longer a reflection of our conflicted mind. Our mind is then sovereign. We then know reality as interconnected bubbles of consensual expectations all playing out within the energy structures of Earth’s dimensions. When we follow our pure intentions, listen to the voice of our inner knowing, universal mind is at work within our consciousness. We realize that everything we encounter and respond to is mind. As we connect with other people, we are able to know them as an expression of mind.

As we expand the dimensions of our conscious mind, knowing visions spring from within our deep subconscious. In this state, we live a synchronistic unfolding life. Intuition, inspiration, inner knowing, interconnectedness, and human enlightenment is the outcome. Within the subconscious realm reality shifts and expands, creating a matrix that is far more elastic and multi-dimensional than is perceived by the mundane every-day conscious mind that is focused on past and present. When we access and spend time within this realm we are gradually released from the confines of human consideration that is based in logic and practicality. The messages we receive through these vehicles inform us about what is unique, authentic, and sacred to each of us. When we heed these messages, we are, in essence, following the path of our spirit’s evolution to ascension.

Our eternal soul is without limitation nor is it confined to any dimensional reality. Our eternal soul is in constant union with all that is. Our evolving human spirit is just that – evolving. Our human bodies have stopped evolving for the past period of 52,000 years. We are now at the transition point of the next physical mutation – genderless bodies. In a short period of time each human will be able to reproduce. This mutation is happening to all forms of life on Earth. Right now, only half of each species is able to reproduce – this is a very primitive form of reproduction. This mutation has already begun with numerous individuals already being able to reproduce offspring with a single set of DNA. This is called parthenogenesis, or virgin creation. These human births will still be a collaboration of soul, evolving spirit and genetically formed body. Instead of an eternal soul, these new humans have an Earth-born soul in full collaboration with an evolving human spirit with both experiencing life through a human body.

The mutations of the human body happen within the collective mind. The acceptance of each mutation happens from a collective knowing of the need to continue the human experience. There is another mutation in our future – thought responsive bodies – shape shifting forms. This will be in preparation of our leaving Earth for travel to nearby star systems. This is exactly the programed sequence of evolution written into our DNA – this is what we are designed to accomplish – to return to our origins.

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